JKDFP denounces repressive policies of India against Kashmiris

Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has strongly denounced the repressive policies of India against Kashmiri freedom loving people.

The JKDFP spokesperson said in a statement that on one hand, people are deprived of the basic fundamental rights in presence of lakhs of government forces and on the other hand a reign of terror is unleashed on the people through harassments and unjustified persecution.

Strongly condemning the acts of violence against the common masses in nook and corner of the disputed region, the spokesperson said that efforts are afoot to crush the genuine dissent through military might.

The repressive measures by New Delhi and its agents here can’t muzzle the genuine aspirations of neither resistance leaders like JKDFP chief Shabir Shah, who is languishing in Tihar jail, on fake and fabricated charges nor the freedom loving people, the spokesperson said.

He castigated the authorities for unleashing terror on the common people in the garb of search operations by resorting to thrashing residents including senior citizens and even women, vandalizing the goods and damaging other properties like vehicles.

It is because of the unbridled powers given to government forces that people irrespective of their age and gender are targeted on one or the other reasons. It is because of the unnecessary deployment of forces everywhere in towns and villages that a situation of fear is created.

The JKDFP spokesperson strongly condemned the Booking of Journalists in fake cases. He said that such acts are aimed at intimidating the whole Journalist fraternity of Kashmir which is strongly holding professional principles despite all odds created by government institutions. He said that such acts of suppression are also at implementing a silencing all around the disputed region.

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