About Us

World News Television Network is a multinational non- profit news agency with headquarters in the United Kingdom and owned by an international journalists consortium. WNTV cover all aspects of the broadcasting domain across multi platforms specialising in digital news/media delivery working with special correspondents and striving to maintain to uphold the values of democracy, integrity, freedom of speech and freedom of free press reporting.

World News Television Network is completely free and available in over fifty languages offering a multitude range of media content from varied and reputable sources including mainstream service providers giving users a variety of perspectives and different interpretations on breaking news events particularly in current affairs, business, sport and entertainment.

World News Television Network has a carefully selected pool of accredited journalists and special correspondents each bringing years of experience giving the complete picture of the news that is relevant, presented in a vivid and insightful manner in a new media digital domain, the ethos of WNTV is to encapsulate local stories, real issues, community news coverage on an international news portal offering a better choice of high-quality entertainment for the whole family and using technology to put them in control, whenever and wherever they want, being part of the bigger picture is fundamental to how we do business.

World News Television Network is committed to corporate governance and have strict guidelines and policies in place making sure our people are critical to our success. We aim to foster a culture where they can do their best work, fulfil their potential and bring world class news any time anywhere to a growing audience need for insatiable news.

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