World News Television Network is built around core content delivery and has invested in state of the broadcast equipment, enabling to cover breaking news, locally, nationally and internationally but also to facilitate requests within the private and public sectors.

Corporate event coverage: these events can be broadcast “live” or recorded with a choice of one man to a team of journalists covering the actual event

Public Relations & Marketing: We specialise in public relations and have a wealth of talent that can easily be assimilated to a given brief or project, our team of experts can produce industry standard press releases and organise press conferences and product launches

Community News: We strive to bring community and local stories to the wider domain, and have deep knowledge to get international exposure within a cost effective package.

Live Reporting: WNTV harnesses the latest technology for content delivery, satellite, broadband, mobile, and IP are all available based on particular remit request

Inter-faith and Social Cohesion Coverage: WNTV has excellent knowledge on multi-faith broadcasting needs, our team of religious broadcast journalists can help to organise a successful event either at a conference hall or your place of worship.

Programme Production: WNTV can produce a variety of projects and specialises in bespoke content production, we regularly get commissions from independent producers to complete client briefs within our own studio network and can offer additional benefits

* Your event can be viewed live on World News Television Netwrok

* You can forward the link to the Event Video to your specific client or audience

* Can offer you Secure Video Streaming

* Brand awareness via text/logo of your company/organization

* Advertisement of your company/organization on WNTV banner web site

* We can produce your company promotional video (filming/editing)

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