Another side of Resistance by Mohammad Younuss

Since 90 days Kashmir is simmering like a volcano. Continued curfews and bandhs have made the life of people miserable. People are caged inside their own homes. Short of basic necessities, people are now frustrated by the ongoing situation. Although the present uprising is unprecedented because of the indigenous support from all spheres of life, but there are certain things which if not mended will prove disastrous and harmful to the ongoing movement.

History teaches us that no revolution has come because of upper class who are well off and enjoy each and every facility and live a cozy life, but revolutions have been made possible only because of middle class and the labour class. Also it is a fact that the most of  middle-class people in Kashmir are salaried and get their salaries at the end of the month. The upper class has a huge reserve of money and as such can survive for months even if their business is down. What remains are those who rely on daily wages or own a small business.

We have seen in 2008 and in 2010, how continued Hartals and Chalo calls failed after 3 month and led the  people to break the ice and as such Hurriyat and the pro Azadi leaders had to stop giving their programmes of Chalo and eventually appeal  the people to come back to normal life. Although the move was criticized by everyone but it was quite evident that one day or the other, people will be fed up by these calenders.

Unfortunately, Hurriyat has learnt nothing from the experiences of the past and even today after every 8 or 10 days, a fresh protest calendar comes out. Wise nations learn from history and never repeat the mistakes committed by others. Probably Hurriyat hasn’t leant anything from the revolutions of the past. There is not a single country or nation on this planet that has achieved anything by means of continued Hartals and Bandhs instead all political revolutions have been achieved by means of a strategic program which was pro-people and in no ways was against the interests of common masses

We Kashmiris are unfortunately facing a situation where we are being pushed to the wall by the oppressor as well as by our own leadership. Let me ask a very straight forwards question to our Hurriyat leaders. What system of economy have you kept in mind while formulating these calenders and Bandhs. Probably you  don’t know that Kashmir isn’t entirely composed of upper middle class or the rich people who can support their families for months, but there is a large section of people who are laborers’ and daily wagers. Imagine a person who works for a day, gets paid at the end of day and feeds his family, how you expect him to survive in these Hartals for 3 months without any money. You talk about Baitul Maal,let me remind you it is specifically meant for those who can’t work or are very poor, how do you expect a person of conscience, a person of self-respect who burns his sweat, to take money from Bait ul Maal. How will his conscience allow him to do so. Beside we don’t live in an Islamic state where there is a proper system of governance for Baitul Maal as was maintained by Hazrat Umar R.A

Yesterday I was going through a news piece in one of the newspapers which mentioned that road side vendors were beaten by some angry women in Burqas for selling their goods outside SMHS hospital. I really fail to understand, how do you expect such a person to survive whose survival depends on the goods he sell per day. Unfortunately our leaders lack political acumen and fail to address this issue.

Hurriyat must understand that the nation they are up against achieved its independence also through a well-devised strategy and Pakistan which they claim to be their well-wisher also achieved freedom when Mohammad Ali Jinnah led the people in such a strategic manner which was pro-people and not anti people. These great leaders of the past had a political, economic and a social system in mind which they followed and ultimately made them to achieve their goal.

Time and tide wait for none. There is still time for Hurriyat leaders to understand this harsh but true aspect of the present situation. They must come up with a well-defined plan and bring it forth in front of people. They must ensure that their policies are meant for the people and not directed against them, otherwise there is no difference between an external oppressor and an oppressor from inside.

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