Are we moving towards fascism in Kashmir?

Dr Shabir Choudhry

 Some fools think they are serving cause of Kashmir by using foul language against those with whom they politically differ. Just imagine if these fascists get in power in Kashmir what will be the quality of life there. To these people blinded with hatred, anyone who differs with their view is an agent of India. For example, some of them say those who do not regard Burhan Wani as a hero are agents of India.

This means nearly all people of Jammu are agents of India. All people of Ladakh are agents of India. And all those in the Valley of Kashmir who disagree with their view are agents of India. All those living in Gilgit Baltistan and so called Azad Kashmir who do not accept Burhan Wani as a hero are agents of India.

This means only these fanatics funded by ISI, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are patriotic. They can sing praises for the occupier they like; and we cannot even tell facts, and expose the country that occupies us.

I have not used any insulting word about Burhan Wani, still it looks the entire political elite of face book from the Valley have attacked me; and some have used vulgar language. If this is your level of tolerance that you do not allow anyone to express his views, then you are worse than Hitler.

Those of you who say: ‘some misguided youths are emotional, and rest of the people are tolerant and believe in democratic society’ are very economic with truth; especially when they have decided to take side of these fascists or remain quiet.

Let me tell you one more bitter fact. You can use vulgar language against me and others who show a mirror; but you WILL NOT win any independence with this approach. You will divide people of Jammu and Kashmir on communal and political lines. This will not suit citizens of Jammu and Kashmir; but it will surely serve interests of your political masters in Islamabad.

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