14 year old in critical condition after stabbing near Birmingham Mosque

Birmingham: A 14 year old boy is currently in critical condition and fighting for his life after being subjected to a horrific knife attack by a 29 year old man. The attack took place outside the Maarif-e-Islam Hussainia Mosque and community Centre, Birmingham and it is unknown whether the attack was religiously or racially motivated.

There seems to be some rumours that this was a religiously motivated attack by individuals from other muslim sects since the victim is of the Shia faith and the attack took place outside a Shia mosque. The person who has committed this act cannot be a true representative of any group, race or religion since attacking a child in such a horrific  and brutal way is considered inhumane and is condemned by all members of society regardless of their race or belief.

It is absolutely vital that members of the community stand united at this time and pray for the young boy’s recovery. At a time when it is only to be expected that people may be concerned about their own safety and of their children we must all stand shoulder to shoulder to root out the individuals who are responsible for this crime. Under no circumstance must we allow this incident to divide members of Britain’s diverse communities. We must all exercise caution in reaching judgement in regards to the motivations behind this attack until the true facts are revealed once investigations by the west midlands police have been finalised.

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