Britain based Pakistani-Kashmiri, Bangladeshi and Sikh rights outfits are united against Modi ‘s visit at G7 summit 2021

Birmingham, 3rd April: Britain based Pakistani-Kashmiri, Bangladeshi and Sikh rights outfits are united against Modi ‘s visit at G7 summit 2021 and vowed to hold Anti -Modi demonstrations .

Tehreek- e- Kashmir TeK (UK) President  Raja Fahim Kayani, Dalkhalsa Chairman Gurcharan Singh and Former Councillor and Chief Advisor of British Bangladeshi Community Alliance, Mozaquir Ali had a  discussion to chalk out the campaign under the banner of United Front against Modi  on the occasion of his scheduled visit to the UK in the Coastal Town of Carbis Bay Cornwall to attend the G7 Summit being held from 11th to 13th June 2021

Former Councillor and Chief Advisor of British Bangladeshi Community Alliance, Mozaquir Ali expressed continued unequivocal support to the cause and plight of people of Jammu and Kashmir until they achieve  right of self-determination, a fundamental right long recognised by the United Nations but yet to be realised.

He said, ”people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir continue to suffer inhuman atrocities meted against them and have been cut of from rest of the world since August 5th 2019, when articles 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution was abrogated by Government led by  Narendra Modi imposed curfews. Since then they continue to live under constant curfew and total lockdown.”

He further said, “Indian controlled Kashmir subject to an inhuman and extended lockdown, flagrant disregard for human rights. Mass use of detention without charge or trials. Tens of thousands of boys taken into custody, beaten, given electric shocks. News blackouts. Hindu people being moved into Muslim areas. Work of Amnesty or any other seeking to bring this to light is suppressed. Universities shut down. Politicians placed under house arrest. All this is led by Narendra Modi and his government.

“ We can not remain silent because of political and economic interests whilst people of Kashmir are being sacrificed on alter of our greed.”

“ We remind and urge our UK government to honour and implement powers within the Global Human Rights Sanctions Regulations 2020, which specified Global Human Rights Sanctions regime, which can be and must be used to impose sanctions against Modi who is indeed a well known and recognised serious violator of rights and abuses in India”

He stressed It will contradict, appear as double standards, both unfair and unjust, if Narendra Modi is allowed to partake in G7  summit 2021 on British soil, making a mockery of our own adopted legislation which has already been used against over 50 organisations and individuals.”

The TeK UK President Kayani said that it is outrageous that Boris Johnson PM UK is prepared to welcome Narendra Modi to the G7, whose brutal army has killed more than one hundred thousands innocent Kashmiris since 1990 and also referred to the Butcher of Gujrat who at one point was banned from entering the UK. Kayani further said that the world was aware of the heinous and punishable crimes perpetrated by  BJP-RSS regime led by PM Modi in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India’s crimes against humanity are highlighted by the world media, influential parliaments and civil society.Now India is systematically paving the way for settler colonialism in J&K by forced demographic change, institutionalising a system of domination over indigenous populations, and obviating the people’s exercise of their right to self-determination.These changes are clear violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, as well as India’s international and domestic obligations.

Dalkhalsa Chairman, Gurcharan singh said  on  behalf  of DalKhalsa and Sikh’s in UK that they would like to call on the British people to oppose PM Modi  visit to the UK, Modi is a fascist dictator whose soul aim in politics is Hindu supremacy and creation of a Hindu state. His regime is responsible for committing mass atrocities against all opposition groups and minorities within Indian union.  Modi stands contrary to the British way of life and British values. We call on the government and the British people to ban Modis entry to the UK and protest against his visit at G7 Summit 2021.

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