Other nations should follow China’s stand on Kashmir: Kayani

LONDON – Reiteration of ending occupation of Kashmir by India on the basis of UN Security Council resolutions will give boost to the determination of Kashmiris in their fight for right to self-determination, a Kashmiri diaspora leader said.

“Kashmiris welcome stand taken by China which President Xi Jinping has reiterated during his meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan,” Kayani said, referring to bilateral summit between Xi and Khan in Beijing on Feb. 06.

Kayani said Beijing’s stand on illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by India “basing it on UN resolutions is true stance which every other nation should follow,” Kayani.

Xi and Pakistan Prime Minister Khan met in Beijing last Sunday where they discussed bilateral and regional issues.

During the meeting, Khan informed Chinese side about the ground situation in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK) including war crimes, crimes against humanity committed by New Delhi, including changing demography of the occupied region.

Kayani said: “Kashmiris are happy about the clear stand taken by China as Beijing has clearly opposed unilateral and illegal steps taken by India in recent past.”

“Kashmiris reject any change that aims at diluting the disputed nature of the region and we welcome China’s position on the issue,” Kayani said.

The Tehreek-e-Kashmir president warned the international community that the “most dangerous place on the world map is Kashmir as it is not merely a dispute between two countries but it borders three nations which are armed with nuclear weapons.”

“It is widely known that the fascist regime in India, led by Hindutva terrorism leader Narendra Modi, loves and worship arms and ammunition… This regime can do anything which can lead merely not just to war but a disaster that will create havoc across the continents,” Kayani warned.

Addressing the Kashmiri diaspora community, Kayani suggested to engage with Chinese leadership, diplomats, academia, media and intellectuals to push forward the Kashmir cause.

“China has always stood with Pakistan on Kashmir as it has espoused a stand based on justice. We must engage with the good offices in Beijing and create pressure on India to halt its war crimes in IIoJK,” Kayani said. “China is a permanent member of the UNSC and can turn tables on Kashmir.”

Appreciating successful trip of Khan to Beijing, Kayani thanked Pakistani Prime Minister for his unequivocal advocacy on behalf of Kashmiris.

“Prime Minister Khan has raised the level of awareness regarding the just demand of Kashmiris from IIoJK and has unmasked fascist regime of India which has brought global attention to India which has turned in to a hell for minorities,” Kayani said.

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