Black Day demonstration against Tribal aggression in Kashmir


A Black Day demonstration On call of Kashmir National Party citizens of Jammu and Kashmir State from various towns of England gathered outside the Pakistani High Commission London to protest against the Tribal attack on Jammu and Kashmir. The protesters believe the root cause of all their problems is this aggression which divided Jammu and Kashmir. The protestors believe that the tribal attack of 22 October 1947 was arranged by government of Pakistan to capture Kashmir which resulted in death of tens of thousands of innocent people. The attackers looted and plundered and raped women; and this demonstration was to protest against that attack which was carried out by violating the Standstill Agreement. The protesters shouted against Pakistan’s Kashmir policy, and demanded that policy of ‘exporting jihad and violence must stop’, as that is hurting people of Jammu and Kashmir. They said both India and Pakistan are occupiers and they must not make their country a battleground.

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