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Midlands Imams and Mosque Committees rallied in support of the largest Birmingham demonstration for Palestine scheduled on January 20th, 2024

Midlands: Leading members of the Muslim communities and others from Birmingham and the surrounding areas met to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the overwhelming public response internationally and in the Midlands. The gathering discussed the demonstration that is planned to demand an immediate ceasefire in Palestine.

Fahim Kayani president Tehreek e Kashmir UK said mosques play vital role in promoting religious harmony in the UK. We condemn Israeli aggression on Gaza and Israeli war crimes have been exposed to the World but Israeli aggression on Gaza must not affect the religious harmony in the UK.

It was pointed out that Saturday’s protest will be joined by the diverse communities in the Midlands. The leading imams and mosque management communities present expressed their support for Ceasefire Now protest in Birmingham on the 20th January.

Fahim Kayani and Barrister Mohammad Hafeez proposed that the Friday the 19th January 2024 be observed in the Midlands as Youm-ul-Quds day. The leading figures from the mosques agreed and said that on that day they will talk about the ongoing attack on the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and inform their congregants about Saturday’s protest for Ceasefire NOW.

The meeting expressed its enthusiasm for the proposed Al-Quds day and the Saturday’s protest for ceasefire. All the mosques represented accepted the proposals made by Fahim Kayani and Barrister Mohammad Hafeez.

The march will assemble on Saturday 20th January 12pm 2024 in Sparkhill Park and will march to the city centre St Martin’s Square Edgbaston Street Birmingham B5 5BB.

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