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Azad Kashmir up coming Election and Dhirkot LA14

“Kashmir Seeks Attention” on World News TV UK. Host by S M IRFAN TAHIR & Special Guests Raja Mehtab Ashraf Khan President Press Club Dhirkot AJK, Anser Abbasi Social Media Journalist, Syed Amjad Gardazi Advocate Member Markazi Majlas E Amla All Jummu Kashmir Muslim conference & Ex President Dhirkot Bar Association, Raja Arshad Khan Central Vice President PMLN Youth Wing and Raja Shujaat Central Deputy Sectary Information PTI AJK. Topic: Azad Kashmir up coming Election and Dhirkot Constituency LA-14 on 19 Feb 2021 From 2 till 3 PM UK Time, 7.30 PM till 8.30 PM Indian Time and 7 PM till 8 PM Pakistan Standard time

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