Domestic Abuse Victims Seeking Help Are Left In Squalor

A number of specialist legal practitioners and housing charities have revealed that many seeking housing when fleeing domestic abuse are being left with no choice but to live in poor quality accommodation. Many victims are leaving their homes with young children, having to live in dirty and unsanitary accommodation – with some evidence of mould, infestations and a lack of utilities. This raises a number of difficulties, not least the fact that they are more likely to feel forced to return to their homes where their attackers may reside in favour of more sanitary living conditions.

Professionals acting on behalf of domestic abuse victims have seen this problem arise more and more in recent years, since the number of social housing options have decreased and alternative affordable housing is even more few and far between. With benefits capped and allowances that local housing authorities offer frozen, the only landlords willing to let properties for a reduced rate are arguably offering something of lower quality. If the state of the property is so poor, this can have a direct impact on the tenant’s health.

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