Early Day Motion 676: Slave Trade in Libya

That this House deplores the actions of those who seek to enslave migrants passing through Libya; condemns in the strongest terms the abhorrent use of auctions to buy and sell slaves; notes with alarm the horror faced by victims of human trafficking and slavery in Libya and the lack of government control to protect them; points to a UN report in April this year warning that sub-Saharan Africans who travelled north to Libya were routinely facing detention in squalid conditions, becoming victims of rape, beatings and being sold into slavery; reaffirms that, so far, the UN’s International Organization for Migration has helped 13,000 people get out of detention centres in Libya and 8,000 in Niger but warns that there are about 15,000 still suffering in such facilities; further notes that an online petition putting pressure on Libya to stop enslaving Black Africans started in November already has over 263,974 signatures; and urges the Government to work with the UN to end the atrocity of modern day slavery in Libya.

House of Commons, 14/12/2017

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