The English Defence League is not welcome in Birmingham

Cross-party statement ahead of tomorrow’s English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham.

Birmingham: Cllr John Clancy (Labour – City Council leader), Cllr Robert Alden (Conservative group leader) and Cllr Jon Hunt (Liberal Democrat group leader) said: The English Defence League is not welcome in Birmingham. They will never be welcome in Birmingham.We would urge people to go about their normal everyday business on Saturday.There is no place in our city for messages of hate. There is no place for intolerance and there is no place for violence or extremism of any kind.In this city we are all British Brummies and we celebrate our shared Birmingham values.Together we are committed to a progressive, safe and inclusive city, free from discrimination and all forms of extremism.We are one Birmingham, one big community, and we will remain united against those that seek to divide us.

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