Kashmir protests over the 3 days during G7 summit 2021 at the Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall, UK

London: Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK & it’s supporters started their journey on Friday 11th June 2021 from Birmingham & other parts of UK on the call of the TEK UK President Raja Fahim Kayani to attend the 3 protests over the 3 days taking place due to the G7 Summit at Cornwall with the determination to create an deep impact on an international level to be heard. Coaches & accommodations plus food was arranged for the participants from 11th-13th June 2021.

The participants took part in the main protest on Saturday in favour of Kashmir & Palestine. Many other parties, organisations, leaders & Humans Rights Activists were present who demanded peace in the world specially these regions & the end of occupation. They also demanded UK & countries taking part in G7 to stop making arms & to supply them to Israel & India to commit genocide & atrocities. They also reminded them they were one of the permanent members in the UN so should use their influence to stop the illegal occupation & continued atrocities from decades not sell or provide arms. The protest started from one end with thousands of participants & ended on the other end as the beach. Some even protested in the sea with flags of peace, Kashmir, Palestine, speakers & drums to be heard.

Many media people attended the protests for courage on an international level but they faced the same issue like others the network wasn’t working in Cornwall or made limited due to security reasons but it wasn’t announced. People couldn’t call or text much via Data or WiFi services but loading or uploading was a great issue so many had to return home to upload the coverage from the weekend. The weather was very warm & ideal to protest on a world famous beaches like Cornwall although the sun burns effected many still it didn’t stop the participants from protesting over the 3 days 11th-13th June 2021.

Many times during the protests coaches were stopped by the police, there were long queues as the police were searching for anarchists & trouble makers which caused delays when Kashmiris & Palestinians were only there to protest peacefully against the Indian & Zionist oppression. On the protest day 12th June 2021 a rally took place at the town of Hayle in Cornwall, where many Kashmiris, Palestinians, Stop the War Coalition, Trade Unionists & other Human Rights Activists spoke in support of the struggle of the Kashmiris & Palestinians. A coach from Derby was diverted by the Police to a town called Falmouth in Cornwall & they joined a protest with African Comrades which was covered by BBC first time in history.

Followiing leadership of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Ch Muhammad Sharif Senior Vice President TeK UK, Shakeel Khan Deputy Sec Gen TeK UK, Tanveer Akmal Vice President TeK UK, Khawajah Suleman Founding member TeK UK, Ch Muhammad Yousaf Pres. TeK UK North Zone, Ch Zahid Iqbal Pres, TeK South Zone, Ch M Ramzan Pres Luton, Raja Muhammad Azad President TeK Sheffield, Aqdis mughal media coordinator TeK South Zone. Rehana Ali Info Secretary TeK UK, Azam Farooq Sec Gen TeK Midland Zone, Khalid Mehmood TeK Manchester, Raja Ibrar TeK Sandwell Council, Abbas Raja Bussiness Forum TeK UK, Mulana Sajjad Ulma Council TeK UK, Sadiq Khokar Pres, TeK Leicester, Yahiya Akhar Director information Cell TeK UK, Sajid Malik Sec Gen, TeK Luton, Syed Zeeshan Shah Deputy Sec Gen South Zone, Talat Baseer TeK Derby, Arif Kayani Senior Vice Pres, TeK UK South Zone, Stuart Richard Stop the War Coalition, Mulana Fazal Ahmed Qadari President APKCC, Abdeen Palestine centre and Naeem Khan PSC along with members of TeK UK participated in the Protest.

Tehreek-e-Kashmir participants had a chance to live & cook together for three days.They had arranged accommodations in local farms & had home made meals together. More than 100 people attended. Tehreek-e-Kashmir is grateful to the supporters who made it.

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