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Human and environmental impact in conflict zone

London: Event on Human and environmental impact in conflict zone was held at the House of Parliament London to lobby with British Parliamentarians on the Kashmir issue. The event was organised by Jammu Kashmir Liberation League (JKLL) UK and Europe Zone and hosted by Dr Misfar Hassan President of Jammu Kashmir Liberation League (JKLL) UK and Europe.The Guests of Honour were MP Fabian Hamilton and MP Julie Cooper. They stated that the Kashmiri Community is struggling with the Human Rights Violations in this new world order. The war between two countries India and Pakistan are damaging and destroying humanity and fundamental human rights of the Kashmiri nation. Our priorities are to safeguard the Kashmiri nation other than demanding any other option. Overseas Kashmiris should unite on one agenda through self determination and referendum to decide their own future without any interruption of other powers. Kashmiri Community representatives also suggested that MP’s talk to genuine Kashmiri leaders who do not have any hidden agendas.The leadership of different parties also shared their views in the meeting. Also present were Mr Ghulam Hussain Ex Councillor & President Kashmir Freedom Movement (KFM) UK & Europe, Mahmood Kashmiri Chairman Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance (JKNIA) , Abbas Butt Chairman Kashmir National Party (KNP) UK & Europe, Sardar Amjed Yousaf President United Kashmir Peoples National Party (UKPNP) Europe Zone, Miss Wajeeha Suman, Barrister Naeem Khan, Barrister Ashraf Mughal, Ibrahim Hassan, Haris Qureshi, Raja Asim, Raja Fazil, Shakil Rathore and others.Report by S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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