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JKNF urges Kashmiris to observe strike on 1st January to say no to India’s neo-colonialism in IoK

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF) has urged the Kashmiri people to observe a complete strike on January 1st to say a big no to the Modi government’s neo-colonial and anti-Kashmir agenda that seeks to control, by any means, Kashmir, it’s land and resources.

In a statement issued here today, the JKNF spokesman Shafiqur-ur-Rehaman while citing the Indian government’s policies towards Kashmir said that the apartheid regime led by Narender Modi was hell-bent on erasing the political, cultural, and religious identity of Kashmiris by revoking age-old laws.

Terming delimitation as part of this grand conspiracy, he said, it was high time that the people in the occupied territory should remain vigilant of such conspiracies and stand united to foil the racist regime’s nefarious designs intended to reduce Kashmiris’ political centrality, wiping out their distinctive identity and turning them majority community into minority.

The shameful process of reducing Kashmiris to third-class citizens, he said, started soon after the abrogation of article 370 and 35 A and since then it continues unabated. He said that redefinition of J&K’s domicile law, the policies of land grab, the ruthless suppression of dissent coupled with double-edged assault against Kashmiri youth were part of the settler colonialism campaign to change the demographic complexion of the state by converting majority into minority.

The spokesman made it clear that the present policies of the government of India were in open contravention of the international law and the UNSC resolutions that strongly prohibit occupation states from taking any unilateral actions that might probably lead to change in the political and legal status of the territory.

Lauding the resilience of the Kashmiri nation, the JKNF spokesman said that despite the oppressive policies of the Indian government the valiant people of Kashmir have neither accepted India’s illegal control over the territory nor have they succumbed to the pressure tactics of the Indian government. He expressed the hope that the people of Kashmir would yet again foil India’s nefarious game plan.

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