India’s illegal ban on Falah-e-Aam schools triggering global concern

LONDON – The Indian attempts to keep Kashmiri youth away from getting quality education is triggering concern around the world as a British lawmaker said she will seek intervention from the UK government to end illegal ban on schools run by Falah-e-Aam Trust (FAT) or, Welfare for All, in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK).

“I am hearing concerning reports of forced school closures in Indian occupied Kashmir,” said Jess Phillips, a British parliamentarian.

“The children of Indian occupied Kashmir must be educated,” said Jess Phillips, the lawmaker while talking to Kashmiri diaspora outside the UK Prime Minister’s Office in London.

She was responding to reports of illegal closure of FAT schools by the Indian military regime in IIoJK.

The fascist Indian military regime in IIoJK has closed all FAT schools where over 60,000 students from modest background attained quality education. Besides, over 4,000 people are directly or indirectly are employed by the FAT schools.

The British lawmaker Jess Phillips said education is a basic right of every human being.

“The war (in IIoJK) that has anything to do with them… it is not their doing. Children of Kashmir must be educated. We will be looking to the UK government to ensure they are intervening so that children of Kashmir are educated,” Phillips said.

To give quality education to Kashmiri youth from modest background, the FAT schools in IIoJK were registered with puppet administration in 1972 and were later opened across the IIoJK of UN-designated disputed territory.

According to Article 4 of the FAT constitution, it as a non-political body dedicated to education and service to mankind.

The FAT constitution makes it clear that the opening of educational institutions is mandated to educate students from all shades of society without any discrimination.

Fahim Kayani, president of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, said the Kashmiri diaspora in the UK and Europe is coordinating with their counterparts in other parts of the world to take up the issue of denial of education by the Indian military regime in IIoJK.

“This is unacceptable,” Kayani said, adding: “denying education is a fascist step to attack conscience of the Kashmiri youth. It is an attempt to devoid young Kashmiri generation of their faith, history, tradition and political struggle for right to self-determination.”

Kayani said: “Such decisions are from Indian military policy makers who are using every tool of a fascist colonial power to suppress an occupied nation.”

“We will not give an easy sleep to Indians in the western capitals any more… Kashmiri diaspora and our allies will take every step to expose fascist policies of the Indian military regime in IIoJK,” Kayani added.

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