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DFP denounces arrest of Sehrai’s sons, others

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) has condemned in strong terms the arrest of the sons of martyred Kashmiri leader Muhammad Asharaf Sehrai, famous religious preacher Moulana Sarjan Barkati and others.

In a statement issued here on Monday the DFP spokesman termed it as a violation of basic human rights. He said that it was unfortunate that Kashmiris were not even allowed to mourn the death of their loved ones. Referring to the arrest of Moulana Barkati and dozens of others who were arrested for expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine, the DFP spokesman said that arresting people merely for expressing sympathy with the suffering humanity was nothing but a frustration on the part of Indian government.

The spokesman said that imposing restrictions on people’s thinking and coercing them to silence were an atrocious assault on people’s right to freedom of speech and expression.  Such mean tactics he said would not deter Kashmiris from pursuing their collective cause for which they have rendered matchless sacrifices.

Expressing sympathy with the people of Palestine he said that Palestine and Kashmir were two sides of the same coin. Both the nations, he said, have suffered terribly at the hands of foreign occupation.  Seeking an immediate end to bloodshed in the region the spokesman urged the world to take notice of the state-terrorism unleashed upon hapless Palestinians by the Israeli government.

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