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Systematic killing of Kashmiri youth, most obvious manifestation of ethnic cleansing: JKNF

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir National Front spokesman on Tuesday took strong exception to the brutal killing of four Kashmiri youth by the Indian occupation forces during crackdown and search operations (CASO) in the Naira area of district Pulwama.

Terming it as the worst form of state terrorism the JKNF spokesman Shafiq-ur-Rehman said that systematic killing of Kashmiri youth was a part of the Modi-led racist regime’s dream project that seeks to change the region’s demography. India’s apartheid regime, he said, was hell-bent upon turning the Muslim majority region into a minority through the systematic elimination of Muslims.

 Every day mayhem and carnage on the streets in Kashmir, he said, was the most obvious manifestation of extremist nationalism-fueled ethnic cleansing, which poses a grave existential threat to Kashmiris who were battling for their survival under the brutal suppression of India’s authoritarian regime.

The spokesman while expressing his party’s concern over the worsening political and human rights situation in the region said that it was high time that the world should take effective cognizance of Indian state terrorism. Rehman also deplored the issuing of summons by police to two Kashmiri journalists and termed it as an atrocious assault on free media and independent journalism.

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