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Jammu massacre goes down in Kashmir history as a Muslim holocaust: JKNF

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) while paying eulogizing tributes to martyrs of Jammu has said that the massacre goes down in Kashmir history as a Muslim holocaust in which hundreds and thousands of men, women and even children were ruthlessly killed and murdered in cold blood.

In a statement issued here on Thursday the JKNF spokesman while recalling the dreadful memories of the tragic events that shook the entire state said, “The massacre marks the beginning of systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing of Muslims”. The entire Muslim population he said was wiped out with a mala-fide intent to alter the region’s demography. “Tens of thousands of hapless Muslim families were driven out of their homes and forced to flee and take refuge in the newly formed state of Pakistan”, he said that it was the time when Muslim majority region was virtually reduced to a minority after a stage-managed and dreadful massacre carried out by Hindu goons under the supervision of Dogra troops.

He said that the RSS influenced Indian government led by Modi was pursuing the same policy that has led to the dreadful massacre in 1947. “Revocation of article 370, 35-A and enactment of series of anti-Kashmiri laws by the government of India speak a lot about its dangerous designs”, the spokesman said adding that it was high time that the global community take effective notice of these laws that pose existential threat to Kashmiris.

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