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Kashmir Development Foundation “Be wise Immunise” winter vaccine literacy Campaign event in stockpot

Stockpot: Kashmir Development Foundation in collaboration with the NHS is encouraging people to be wise and Immunise as vaccination are our best protection. The winter vaccine literacy campaign “Be Wise, immunise” to encourage the members of British Kashmiri, South Asian and other diverse communities to get their flu and COVID-19 vaccines and to reduce the risk of serious illness in colder months.

Kashmir Development Foundation has organised a Vaccine Literacy and community engagement event outside the Stockpot Islamic Center, Stockpot. Sardar Aftab Khan Executive Director Kashmir Development Foundation, provided essential information about Vaccines and how they work to the members of British Kashmiri, South Asian and other members of the communities.

Getting vaccinated can help to stop the spread of flu and COVID-19. You can contact your GP practice or call 111 and visit to book your vaccination appointment. KDF volunteers distributed over 300 information leaflets with essential information about Flu and Covid-19 vaccines in Pahari, Urdu and English language. They also signposted community members to information and help available from the NHS on this occasion. Saidzada Noor Hussain, Chairman Kashmir Development Foundation UK, Mohammed Aslam, Syed Zawar Hussain Shah and others were also present there.

Report by S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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