Kashmir handicrafts and Kashmir conflict

Handicrafts are and have been historically the chief source of income to the valley of Kashmir.

Kashmir artisan skills has been unique in the entire world in certain areas like Carpet weaving, Namda/Gaba sazi,
Wood Carving, Papermashi, Carving on coper pots and specialties of the production of Shahtoos and Pashmina Shawals is matchless in the world.

In the different areas of handicrafts in Kashmir hundreds of thousands of people are employed who all are artisans and derive their living from these crafts. All Kashmiri crafts have been a great source of attraction for the tourists who come from all over the world.

One can feast his eyes by seeing to the shops in various markets of Kashmir that are decorated by purely Kashmiri crafts.

Handicrafts have been a great source of employment and income (unique exclusive in the world) but unfortunately suffered a severe blow due to the turmoil for the lost three decades causing thousands of people unemployed.

Those who love Kashmir arts, tourism, heritage and handicrafts to the occasion and come forward to the rescue of artisans who’s number of unemployment gets swelled every day and pave ways to strengthen this heritage of Kashmir and provide the opportunities for the revival of handicrafts in order to save the
employment of poor artisans.

Written by Javid Iqbal Secretary Kashmir Voice International Contact E-Mail :

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