Kashmir to become a state like Syria and Iraq , Shumaila Anwar

Shumaila Anwar, human rights defender, expressing herself during United Nations human Rights (UNHRC) session in Geneva. She shed the light on the rights of Women of Kashmir. Her speech is as under


Thank you Mr. President. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a woman from the beautiful territory of Jammu and Kashmir but for the last 69 years Kashmir has become a story of brutalities and discrimination. It is a state of peaceful people but the things and circumstances are changing dramatically. Young generation of Indian administrative Kashmir has hold weapons and they are in a state of retaliation.. It is very clear that if at this very point they are not being resisted then no-one can stop the state of Kashmir to become a state like Syria and Iraq. Ladies and gentleman today i am here to talk about the women rights violation in Kashmir.I would like to avail this opportunity to bring your attention to the world’s most suppressed woman who have been ignored so far.Those are the women of disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. They are the victims of conflict and discrimination. Yes ladies and gentlemen The women in Pakistan Administrative Kashmir is living a miserable life and beyond the modern living standards. We, the women of Kashmir,have a long history of political victimization. The political system of Pakistan administrative Kashmir is predominantly patriarchal and women experience serious biasness to actively participate in the political activities as well as the general political process. The proportion of women in political parties is miserably low and they face discrimination at all levels. Getting health care is a big issue for the women of Pakistan Administrative Kashmir. The health facilities in P-A-K are below the W-H-O health standards. The government of Pakistan administrative Kashmir r is totally failed to empowered the women and despite of 73 percent of literacy ratio, they are unable to get an ordinary job opportunity. Under Universal Declaration of Human rights everyone has the right to work and earn fair wages but the woman of Kashmir is still needed to be socially and economically empowered. I would say with a great sorrow that they are still treated as a property and is deprived of the fundamental rights. I would like to tell the world that government of P-A-K has failed to achieve Millennium development goals and it would not be wrong if i say that our government has never tried to achieve these goals. On the other hand if i talk about women of Indian administrative Kashmir then i believe that all the people who are present here and are parents can feel the pain of those mothers who have seen their children got blind, who have seen their daughters being abused and who have sacrificed their children in this proxy war. ladies and gentlemen, the women of Kashmir need your attention equally as any other woman from south Asian region. WE are born to live AND WE HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS TO LIFE. I would request to the esteemed organisation of united nations and international community to play a bigger role to tackle these problems and to raise the living standard of women of Pakistan administrative Kashmir.

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