Kashmir issue cannot continue to be unresolved (KVI)

London: Kashmir issue cannot continue to be unresolved said Kashmir Voice International (KVI) in a statement issued after having a virtual meeting on 24 January 2021. The continued process of denial of
democratic rights to Kashmiris right from 1953 has not reduced the status of this issue. Caging Kashmiris after 5th August 2019 and subsequent decisions to deprive Kashmiris of their political and human rights will in no way deprive our people of their inalienable rights.In the meeting serious concern was expressed by the members regarding miserable and historically unheard of situation that Kashmiris have been subjected to after abrogating of Article 370 and 35A illegally and unconstitutionally.

The policy of repression should prove always counterproductive and will strengthen alienation. What is needed is to initiate a dialogue with Kashmiris and understand their aspirations. Delhi should analyse the outcome of exploring ways to install again minus people government and not trusting the popular will should lead to further emotional
distance between Delhi and Srinagar. It is not the question of managing the situation but solving the problem for lasting peace.There is no option but to discontinue the policy of repression and win over Kashmiris for a negotiated settlement and solution acceptable to them.

In the meeting the prospects of uniting Valley Diaspora in UK were discussed and expression of the will to work for forging unity was strong. It was felt that a large section of Indian population are friendly and sympathetic to the cause of Kashmir but many lack awareness of the position in which Kashmiris are placed. It is therefore necessary to
explore right measures to reach Indian public, increase their awareness and strengthen the support base.

The present stalemate on Kashmir should discontinue and the policy of repression should yield place to the creation of conditions helpful to the people in Kashmir. KVI therefore demands:

1) Restriction on peaceful political activities should be removed. People should be allowed to exercise their democratic rights.

2) Actions that hurt the honor, dignity and respect of our people be stopped and human rights respected.

3) All the political prisoners should unconditionally be released as a first step to create a pleasant environment.

4) Steps should be taken to initiate a dialogue with Kashmiris and find out a solution respecting their aspirations.

5) Thousands of job vacancies in different government departments should be filled up as early as possible in order that some percentage of unemployed people get benefited.

6) Internet should be upgraded so that facilities for on line education of our students and trade of business people improve.

7) All gag on media should be removed and right to free flow of ideas revived.

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