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Kashmiri unites for right to self determination

Islamabad: The international think tank Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) President and former Adviser to Prime Minister Azad Kashmir for human rights, Dr. Sardar M Tahir Tabassum said that Kashmir is a risk of blitz and nuclear flash point in South Asia.
For India’s survival to implement the United Nations resolutions and give right to self-determination to Kashmiris, given that the ancestors there are engaged with the world community.

The United Nations Secretary-General, during his recent visit to Pakistan, offer mediation support & dialogue between India and Pakistan. He is talking with the senior Hurriet leader, president of Jammu & Kashmir Salvation movement Altaf Ahmed Butt and president Tehreek e Kashmir United Kingdom Faheem Kayani here.

Sardar Tahir Tabassum said that Kashmir was not part of India in the past nor will become in the future: the Kashmiris have had a rich culture, traditions and identity for many centuries.

The conflict of Kashmir is a worldwide recognised issue.Indian “Divid and Role” policy has failed in Kashmir. The whole Kashmiri nation unites for the right to self-determination.He added that we believe in dialogue and peace, not in war: Modi cannot destroy the sacrifices of three generations.

He appreciated effective role of Tehreek e Kashmir and Fahim Kayani in UK, and hope this campaign will take more momentum and INSPAD always continue practical support to Altaf Ahmed Butt, Faheem Kayani and other like mind organisations and people. Mrs Kishwar Aqeel director of INSPAD also attended meeting.

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