Leader of the Labour party, Sir Keir Starmer has got it wrong on Kashmirs historical past

London: Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer is historically wrong about Kashmir issue when he says it is a constitutional matter for India when it is an issue very much alive on United Nations agenda even discussed in Security Council very recently. With this statement Sir Keir Starmer has made a big mistake and damaged Labour Party. Hope he revisits his position and rectifies his statement about Kashmir issue, Fahim Kayani the President of Tehreek e Kashmir UK stated while addressing an online All Parties Conference on “Kashmir Issue and Labour Party” organised by Tehreek e Kashmir UK.

He said 1.5 million voters of British Pakistani and Kashmiri heritage are surprised by Sir Keir Starmer when he mentions Hindu Phobia which is something does not exist at all but it is very irresponsible and a threat to the very fabric of British society. He appealed all Labour Party MPs, councillors and members to contact Party Leader and make him correct himself on Kashmir issue.

Participants from other political parties, human rights organisations, women groups and journalists shared their views as well. Some suggested to leave Labour Party as it does not respect the overwhelming vote and support of British Pakistani and Kashmiri offered to the party. Twenty years ago Labour Foreign Minister Robin Cook said exactly same thing as it has happened now again.

Labour Party does not realise that this unfinished job of participation was left by them in 1947 and they should make effort to help implement Untied Nations resolutions to hold plebiscite and resolve Kashmir issue. But majority of speakers in the conference agreed to stay in the Labour Party and make efforts to influence the leadership to change their strange stance on Kashmir. Participants showed their disappointment towards Sir Keir Starmer as being a human rights lawyer how can he show such ignorance towards the rights of people of Kashmir. All participants condemned Sir Keir Starmers recent statement on Kashmir and demanded him an apology. Some speakers demanded his immediate resignation from leadership.

The conference appealed the whole world to help people of Kashmir facing worst kind of lock down in the history since 5 August 2019 imposed by occupying forces of India. The conference showed its grave concern over the current situation in Kashmir where Indian army is busy attacking and killing people in the homes where they have been living for centuries.

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