Legend of peace award announced by INSPAD


Pakistan:Reputed Think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD announces “Legend of Peace award” for General Raheel Shareef Cheif of the Army Staff on his tremendous great services by Zarb-e-Azb to combats terrorism, lawlessness and restored Peace and harmony in the country. President INSPAD and Ambassador for Peace,human rights activists Mr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum said that General Raheel Shareef had unique role model in Pak Army, he proved that without any fear he can serve and save the nation & country with brave spirit and courage. General Shareef play vital role to high up the respect and competency of Great Army. His family, brother Major Shabir Shareef Shaheed, NH and uncle Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed NH had Fabulous sacrifices their lives for country and nation as brave Army officers. He did great long services as capable traditional soldier and commander, whole world accepting and tributes his leadership skill and unfold character. INSPAD members board of directors, Patron Col Azam Qadri, Executive Director Shaikh Saqib Ahmed Ansari, Directors Masood Ahmed Chaudhry, Barrister Rizwan Bari, Sardar Waheed Khan, S M Irfan Tahir, Mohammad Raashid and Director Media Qamar Yousafzai has salute his marvelous lifelong services and contributions to save the country and explore peace in Pakistan. INSPAD team said that the nation remember his services as Army Chief, his name will be in golden words in the history and assure to admire his successful strategies in the army for the sake of country. INSPAD will present ”Legend of Peace” award to General Raheel Shareef in a special ceremony very soon.

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