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Life in Kashmir still far from normal: Altaf Hussain Wani

Life in Kashmir still far from normal: Altaf Hussain Wani
Says atrocities, disappointment, chaos and uncertainty defines today’s Kashmir

Geneva: Veteran rights activist and senior vice chairman Jammu and Kashmir National Front Altaf Hussain Wani has urged the OHCHR to continue remote monitoring of the situation human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir till Indian allows fact finding mission to territory under its occupation.

While taking part in general debate on UN high commissioners annual report Wani commended the work of OHCHR in promotion and protection of human rights globally.

Referring to the messy situation in Indian occupied Kashmir, he said, “Atrocities, distress, disappointment, dejection, deception, caged, silenced, occupied and uncertainty defines today’s Kashmir”. He said that months long cyber curfew imposed by India after 5th August last year has badly hit normal life whereas local economy, trade and tourism have suffered terribly with no hopes of early recovery. “The blockade and the clampdown have crippled the media as news lines have been choked and there are restrictions on its working”, he said adding that thousands of young boys and important political leaders were thrown behind bars.

Thanking UN High Commissioner for expressing concern over the dire situation in the restive region the JKNF leader said that despite the passage of 7 months Kashmir remains a communications and information black hole for the world.

Speaking on behalf of world Muslim Congress Mr. Wani pointed out that life in Kashmir was still far from normal, “Some small steps were taken recently by New Delhi to befool the international community but these relaxations are mere exceptions that only prove the rule – that of the prolonged denial of basic freedoms that Kashmiris are forced to live with”.

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