Mahbooba Mufti is ashamed of being a Muslim

So much has happened in the past, but none hangs his head in shame


The Chief Minister, Mahbooba Mufti is ashamed of being a Muslim. She issued this statement while talking to reporters during the wreath laying ceremony of the CRPF personnel who got killed in the Pampore encounter last week. I understand Mahbooba was in a tight situation that time. The media was there, there were soldiers around mourning the demise of their colleagues and the entire Indian nation was watching her on the small screen. So she made a `political’ statement to appease the gullible Indians by feeling ashamed of being a Muslim.

Her father, late Mufti Sayed, however, proved more prudent. Addressing the south Kashmir sports festival at Government Degree College, Anantnag in September last year he said: “Islam’s message of peace is too loud to be lost in the din of violence perpetrated by some people in its noble name.”

Before going to Islam and the message of peace it conveys, it needs to be made clear that India hosts the second biggest population of Muslims in the world. Their miserable plight and persecution at the hands of the majority community is no secret. Now, armed groups have been formed to achieve the objective of Akhand Bharat. Operation Ghar Wapsi has been launched and Muslims are forcibly converted to Hinduism.

According to rough estimates, around 44000 anti-Muslim riots have taken place in various parts of India since 1947. Mahbooba did not feel ashamed as an `Indian’ and nor did his father. It was Arundhati Roy and people like Guataum Navlakha who came out strongly over persecution of Muslims and felt ashamed as Indians.

Yes, the followers of the most peaceful  religion have resorted to violence. As mentioned above violence is condemnable in all its forms and manifestations but the reasons for this need to be explored. Those who condemn Islam and the Muslims for `disorder in the world have failed to voice their concern over massacre of Palestinian children by “ God’s chosen children” two years ago.  No Jew shed tears over the massacre, no Christian raised his voice and the Hindus  brazenly refused to  condemn the massacre.

When a ragtag French publication publishes defamatory cartoons of the most revered Prophet (SAW) to deliberately hurt the sentiments of one billion Muslims across the world, the so-called champions of freedom of speech and expression come out openly to defend the filth. But when it evokes a reaction, they start beating their chests; they start crying and vow to uphold so-called freedom of expression.

When Iraq is plundered to destroy `weapons of mass destruction’, the response can be violent. And, if this violence is condemnable, the carpet bombing of Iraq should also be condemned.  When war against terror is waged against Afghanistan, the modern world has to stay prepared for a strong read violent response.

Over a lac people have been killed in Jammu Kashmir since 1990. There are more than eight thousand enforced disappearances, seven thousand rapes and about twelve thousand extra-judicial executions. When the occupation is so ugly, the response cannot be rosy. Nobody has hung his/her head in shame over rapes in Kashmir.

Muslims do not believe in violence  but  it does not mean, they will take the thrashing lying down all the time.

The most revered Prophet (SAW) took part in eighty battles that were imposed on him. Around one thousand people got killed in these battles. An equal number suffered injuries. The modern world fought just two wars. Crores of people got killed. Not only the history but the geography of the world changed due to these wars.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) was the first human being to say that everything was not fair in war. The instructions from the most revered Prophet (SAW) to His worthy companions (RA) merit special mention here. “Do not kill the non-combatants, do not kill the enemy when he surrenders, do not cut trees, do not destroy standing crops, do not harm the bishops, do not touch children and women, do not subject the elderly people to inconvenience”.

Hundreds of persons were taken prisoners during Holy Prophet’s (SAW) times. Nobody was subjected to extra-judicial execution. Nobody disappeared. Nobody was killed in a fake encounter. Nobody was tortured and nobody was stripped or humiliated. On the contrary the prisoners were fed well and treated well.

Seventeenth Ramadhan is an important date in the history of humankind as it changed the course of world history. On this day a handful of Muslims (313) defeated an army of infidels. The day is remembered for a variety of reasons. On this day, the most revered Prophet (SAW) stressed need for enforcement of the rights of the prisoners.  This day, therefore, is also called the day of the prisoners.

Scores of infidels were taken into custody after they suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Muslims. Soon after the Holy Prophet (SAW) sought counsel from his companions (RA). Umer (RA) the great was in favour of killing the prisoners. However, the Prophet’s friend, Abu Bakr (RA) told the Holy Prophet (SAW) to grant pardon to all of them. The prisoners were released some in lieu of a consideration and most of them without any conditions. A handful of them were told to teach Muslims to win their freedom. Ultimately all of them were released.

This is what the Muslims believe in. But they have also been told to fight those who encroach upon their religion, honour and property.  And remember fighting in such cases becomes a religious obligation.

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