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Written By: Sahibzadi Mardiya Sultana faizpuri
Tears of blood

In today’s world its more likely to have a very comfortable life ever than before. If we analyse just Women Rights – exclusively we’d find vary of NGO’s, websites and platforms where women are taught how to speak for their rights. Fortunately, giving a stern look to a woman by any man is considered as “harassment”. This law of Anti-Harassment is applicable almost around the world nowadays. People from media, civil society are participating wholeheartedly on this agenda. We have witnessed many women getting justice.

In the same world, there’s a place known as “paradise on Earth” where none of the above law could reach. Kashmir! My Kashmir. Sometimes Paradise is under the shadow of demons like Kashmir is now. The women of Kashmir who are fighting for the right of freedom and self-determination more than 72 years are not anywhere in the eyes of justice. According to a report since the fight of freedom begin there are thousands of cases of rape in Kashmir every day. Women of all ages, no matter a wrinkled face old woman or a young girl that happens to play with her dolls. According to the reports from HRC in the year 1993 and 1996 rape cases have increased. Mainly they’re Hindus that are doing this sinful deed and provoke others to join them too. In 52nd United Nations Commission on Human Rights Professor William Baker gave a report that contained increased rape cases in Kashmir.

After the black day 5 august 2019 when the Indian government made changes to their constitution and removed article 370. The article which anecdotes the special status of Kashmir. Since that day until now Kashmir has become a nightmare. From the last 21 days, Kashmir has more troops then creepy insects after the rain. The third generation which is born under the cloud of smoke, the stink of gun powder, thunder of bullets and sound of army shoes walking around them. The female Kashmiri women who are stronger than the Himalayas have always been an inspiration. They know no one is going to visit them from any NGO, no one is going to highlight their problem on media for them. They are aware none of these brutal criminals will be punished. No one would wipe their tears. No one would consider them innocent women. Their fault only is they are Kashmiri women.

They fight for their right to freedom. Their right to being safe and protected by the government. They are unsafe in their household, in their own country. The little girls are meant to play with dolls are weeping over the dead bodies of their fathers and brothers. Newlywed brides no longer have any hopes to see their husbands again if they go out. Old age mothers have no tears to shed on the dead bodies of their sons. Nevertheless, their determination to free Kashmir has never faded. The courage that they are born with has no end. The women with no weapons or daggers in their hands have their voice to raise. For this crime, innocent women are being harassed and beaten brutally.

Today is the 23rd day since the curfew is destroying Kashmir. Only to make Kashmiris afraid of the “power”. The power of weapons to every eye’s amazement is meant for innocent children, civilians and women. Listening to an interview of some Indian journalists who have visited Kashmir on Eid I was mesmerised but had tears in eyes. According to them, the Kashmiris welcomed the journalists in their houses knowing they’re from India. Knowing they are Hindus – they were welcomed wholeheartedly. The picture they portrayed was a nightmare for any human living in today’s world. There was no internet, no landlines, no telephone services. Children had almost nothing to wear on Eid. Kashmiris weren’t allowed to pray the Eid prayer on this Eid. Whatever there was reserved for the family was presented to the journalists.

This is Islam and this the identity of a faithful Muslim. A true believer is the one who’s not afraid of any tyrant power. They have assurance from Allah (SAW) of help. Being a human, above all, as a Muslim it’s our foremost responsibility to console and help Kashmiris. Regardless, of what little can we present them. Our few words may help them. The world must know the exact picture of Kashmir. Time has come when Muslims have to unite for each other. If we have some faith in the same Quran Al Kareem and the same Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then there must not be any delay stepping forward to help Muslims in the time of their need.

By: Sahibzadi Mardiya Sultana Faizpuri (

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