Mohammed Zafran BEM Hero Of The Year EDA

Mohammed Zafran BEM was honored with the European Diversity Award in the “Hero Of The Year Category” ahead of thousands of nominees. Zafran who is a role model for thousands of people in the Country picked up his 20th National Award for his Humanitarian Work. Just couple of months ago,Zaf received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his passionate work changing over 21,000 lives. Zaf who was labelled as a “Unique Individual” by the Prime Minister at the time David Cameron, has continued to help the needy and vulnerable youths after the death of his blind sister and the murder of his young brother in law. Zaf has been shortlisted for the British Muslim Awards in Muslim in the Community Category which will feature in 2017. Zaf has also been featured in the Global Diversity List alongside Barrack Obama,Angelina Jolie and Malala. Zaf,”I always wanted to help others and now i hope one day when i leave this world, that i will be remembered by people that this person actually did try to make a difference.”

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