Myanmar Seeks Attention

Written By: Dr Farooq Khan

Myanmar’s present government came into power on the 30 th March 2016, lead by Aung San Suu Kyi in a landslide victory gaining control of a majority in the parliament. After decades of military dictatorship it was a turning point for the country, the Nobel peace prize laureate, and her national league for democracy.

Unfortunately her Nobel peace prize didn’t go down well internally when Rohingya ethnic minority started to suffer persecution in the hands of nationalist and ethnically racist Buddhist monks, who stirred up ethnic cleansing and killing of innocent Muslims.

Approximently 1.2 million ethnic Rohingyas have lived in Burma for centuries. They have been facing horrific abuse in the hand of Buddhist monks as well as denied basic human rights, religious choice, marriage, citizenship, family planning employment and education.

These are the restrictions placed by the Nobel peace prize winner’s government.I must turn your attention to the Muslim world and how quite the governments have been in condemnation of the genocide of innocent Muslims. Yet, all Middle Eastern countries
took a unanimous decision to place sanctions on Qatar without any evidence.

One wonders why the OIC (Organization of Islamic conference) was formed which have failed the Rohingya Muslim by not condemning the genocide.

The UN has shown no interest in stopping the killing or sending peacekeeping missions to safeguard the Rohingya Muslims.

However, the UN was very quick in announcing East Teamore as an independent country in 2002 from Indonesia and the same with South Sudan in 2011. Despite the heinous crimes that have been committed against humanity in Burma the UN has not acknowledged the plight of Rohingya. The Rakhine state should become an independent country for ethnic Rohingyas for future peace and stability in the region.

Recently Harkat-Ul- Yakeen has been active in Rakhine state. This will be become a recruiting grounds for terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al-Qaeda. It will attract Jihadists from around the world.

The biggest winner from this genocide will be terror organizations who will capitalize on the dire situation before we realize the repeat of Syria and Iraq would have started this time in south east Asia it will destabilize the whole region. The neighbouring countries should act!

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