New strategy of blackmailers claiming to be fighting for independence

Dr Shabir Choudhry: A man contacted me and highly praised my struggle for the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir. After two weeks he said: You are working on the international front and we are working on the ground (in Gilgit Baltistan). We don’t have financial resources to continue our struggle. Please send some money that we can continue our struggle against Pakistan.My reply was: In the past I helped people and that was my mistake. When I stopped they turned against me. I have no money to give away.He then asked me to help him get a job or help him to go to UAE. I said I can’t help him with that either.His reply was: You people are real enemies of independence of Gilgit Baltistan (Gilgit Baltistan ki azadi kaa asal dushman aap log hoo).Referring to Senge Sering and Hamid Khan, two leaders of Gilgit Baltistan promoting the cause of Gilgit Baltistan he said: ‘Sering aur Hamid are agents of RAW and everyone knows in Gilgit Baltistan.’He further said, ‘It is because of you people that the entire Gilgit Baltistan is burning’. He even accused me and my colleagues for Shia Sunni riots which took place during General Zia Ul Haq regime.He issued a stern warning that if I don’t give money to him he will write articles against me and my colleagues proving that we are working on a foreign agenda and receive money in name of Gilgit Baltistan.My reply was, just because I refused to give you money you have even accused me of starting Shia Sunni riots. May Allah put you on the right path? However, I will not give in to your blackmailing.This is the true face of some so called freedom fighters. He could well be a member of some secret agency of Pakistan.Some Valley based Kashmiri friends have told me that some people in the Indian side of Kashmir also resorted to blackmailing and harassing ordinary citizens once they established the gun culture there.Also it is revealed by some friends that they also get messages in their inbox, if you don’t give money we will publish nude photos of you or video they have received.My advice is, don’t give in to these tactics. These people are like vulture and are real enemies of the people of Jammu and Kashmir State and their struggle.

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