Northern Ireland Miami Showband Murders: Court Orders Release of Security Files

Police and military authorities have been ordered to release files relating to the Miami Showband murders. Three members of the band were shot dead after a concert in Banbridge, County Down, in July 1975. Belfast High Court ordered the release of more than 80 types of document on Wednesday 30/08/2017. They are understood to include material on Robin ‘The Jackal’ Jackson, UVF commander and suspected Special Branch agent.

‘Self-evident’ – A lawyer representing survivors and relatives of murdered group members said it was “a case in which collusion is self-evident”. “The documents which the court has ordered disclosure of will go some way to explaining how that collusion came into effect, resulting in the loss of the lives of these innocent, talented young men,” he added. Victims of the attack are suing the Ministry of Defence and PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) over alleged collaboration between serving soldiers and the killers.

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