One-Belt, One-Road: CPEC By Wajid Saeed

Self-reliant economy has been a target of developing countries, an autonomous economy do end countries’ dependence on peregrine donors that entails with its political subjugation. Pakistan since 1947 has been struggling to become an economically stabilized country. The challenges for Pakistan on the economic front at the present inter alia include enlarging differences between rich and poor, tax system favoring the rich, slow economical growth, lack of investment in industry to generate growth, lacking in skilled labor, dwindling exports, rising imports, inadequate infrastructural development. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has a potential to pin up the hopes of official and prevalent quarters of Pakistan, and can turn Pakistan into one of the most sizably voluminous economy in coming years.

CPEC is far more than a transit for carrying goods, and can launch Pakistan in the global economy. With an investment of $46 billion and scores of infrastructure projects, the CPEC is undoubtedly one of the largest endeavors now happening in the planet and roads, energy projects, industrial parks and the Gwadar port are all part of it, industrial clusters along the route, with four components in each, technical training institutes, research centers, technology parks and hi-tech industries.

Currently, when it comes to CPEC, one has to hear contemplation on Chinese investment in Pakistan with a few commentators even resembling it with East India Company, and little other arguing that via CPEC Pakistan is to become a safe-heaven to deliver Chinese corruption. It is reminded that “China stands on 83rd number amongst corrupted nations whereas Pakistan on 117th”. Furthermore, Pakistani Prime Minister and Chinese President are both accused to be guilty of holding assets in Panama Leaks, and it is perceived that these common points brings a natural affinity in partnership of both the countries over CPEC and to further reinforces the affinity in corrupt-practices.

Whereas, on the opposite side commentators claim blind platitudes in praise of the CPEC. This reflects our perplexity over CPEC that relies with official-responsible quarters of Pakistan. In order to better understand the situation of what’s going on we would require unfolding CPEC.

CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) is a joint venture of Pakistan and China and a basic component of China’s vision “One Belt One Road” that seems very important in shifting of paradigm of power from west to east that will left behind no uni-polar power in the world, but the bi-polar and multi-polar powers, due to upcoming soft economic “Sino-Power”.

Sino-Power is on its way to the bloom in Asia and transforming the world from uni-polar to bi-power powers on planet earth, and however encounters numerous challenges including the safety and security concerns of largest democracy of world; India. Because success of CPEC will undermine the power of India besides, Japan which is the prime ally and partner of USA to many folds. It is crystal-clear that India may not tolerate Sino-Power in Asia as like USA and USA doesn’t want to see a bi-polar world which is happening because of Sino-Power progression. Therefore, India and USA leaving no stone unturned to derail and restrain Sino-Power by all possible means.

Due to these reasons importance of CPEC is beyond the imagination, obviously it play a role-vital in progression of Sino-Power as far as Gawadar to Kashgar route not only decreases the distances between China and Middle East but also provides safe and secure way of oil to China. For that reason China investing $46 billion in this project. Generally CPEC composed of multiple roads and tracks: in Pakistan it is composed of western, eastern and central alignment, and are connected through highways and motor ways. However, western alignment is important than other because Chinese investors will establish their manufacturing unites on this route, which will increase opportunity of employment in remote areas of KPK and Baluchistan.

World leading economic powers have keen eye on this project, and for that Chinese President wants its successful completion at all. CPEC is a pretty much the most advance set of project within the whole initiative: One Belt One Road, and it will be a test case for succession of whole of it. “If China can transform a basket case like Pakistan, a place where United States has spent billions in vain, Beijing standing in the developing world will be massively enhanced. As some American diplomats have said, this could be Beijing’s Marshall Fund Movement”, said Andrew Small; author of China Pakistan Axis.

These are the reason that’s why foes at national and international levels are conspiring against the project; ongoing deficit of the trust about CPEC in Pakistan is also the result of these conspiracies. By keeping in mind the reality of Pakistan that a country with economic uncertainty having an opportunity to progress through CPEC, it is a right time to shake off conspiracies and to support the CPEC, if we really want to live in a progressive and prosperous tomorrow!


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