Pakistan Army team wins Gold Medal at Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2017

High Commissioner felicitates the team

Pakistan Army team has yet again won a Gold Medal in recently concluded Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2017. A total of 131 teams including 27 international teams participated in the exercise. This exercise is one of the most arduous and prestigious military events, testing candidates’ leadership, field craft, discipline and both mental and physical robustness. The exercise is open to all three services and international patrols. Pakistan Army has the unique distinction of winning Gold Medal in the exercise for consecutive three years since 2015.

Felicitating the team, H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, said: “My heartiest felicitation goes to the Pakistan Army team on winning the Gold Medal for third consecutive time since 2015. This unique distinction is a testimony to their highest standards of professionalism and training.”

Pakistan Army team had earlier won Gold Medals in 2010, 2015 and 2016. They have correctly displayed the professional standards of Pakistan Army and this achievement is testimony to the professionalism and the highest levels of training in Pakistan Army.

Set up over 50 years ago by Welsh reservists, patrol teams of eight are required to cover over 50km on foot carrying an average of 30kg over the most unforgiving Welsh terrain in less than 48 hours. Patrols are required to undertake a number of ‘tasks’ on their route, each testing a different aspect of soldiering e.g. navigation, first aid and casualty evacuation, CBRN, recognition of aircraft, vehicles and equipment, and a tactical river crossing to name but a few.

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