Pakistan Fashion and Textile Exhibition with Fashion Show


(PFTE) Pakistan fashion and textile exhibition with fashion show was held at the Chelsea old town hall on the 30th of July 2016 by SMH international events management , to promote Pakistan fashion & textile in the UK . The main focus of PFTE was a fashion show with a concept of introducing at par excellence the participation of national and international designers and models such as SMH , Reka Orosz ,Mashriki etc , with presentation by the well known model of London Maurisa Coleman . The unique feature of PFTE was that it was organized under the umbrella of the youngest entrepreneur from Pakistan Sheikh Muhammad Humayun at the age of 16 , he also showcased his collections The age of elegance and Colours of Asia . The event was largely attended and applauded by the elite and diplomatic mission with print & electronic media . At the red carpet the commercial counsellor of Pakistan high commission & other elite particularly lauded and appreciated the efforts of the youngest entrepreneur , who holds a vision to go around the world with his concept of Youth Fashion Revolution (YFR) promoting the youth in the promising field of fashion industry globally .

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