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Political prisoners in Kashmir are subject to inhuman and degrading treatment by misuse of anti-terrorism laws which are in contravention of international standards

Geneva: Kashmiri delegation held a presser at Geneva Press club highlighting the state suppression of Modi-led Indian racist regime on political prisoners of occupied Kashmir. It was said that India has failed in suppressing the freedom struggle and resorted to inhuman tactics like slapping inhuman laws like Unlawful Protection Activities Act (UAPA), and other anti-terror laws on Kashmiri leadership.
Muhammad Yaseen Malik has been given life imprisonment without any fair process or trial. At the same time, political leaders like Syed Shabir Shah, Masrat Allam, Naeem Khan, Asya Indrani, Qasim Faktu Altaf Shah and others are put behind bars on fake and fabricated charges.
While explaining the crackdown on dissent they also demanded the release of well-known Human Rights activists Khurum Parveez and Ashan Untoo who are strong advocates of human rights
The presser also unearthed the nefarious design of the Indian state to change the demography of occupied Kashmir and convert a Muslim majority state into a BJP-dominated fascist. The gaging of local media is unprecedented as journalists are targeted and jailed on the account of publishing stories of human rights violations.
The delegates urged the international community to take notice of the unprecedented situation in Kashmir where first statehood was abolished and later the crackdowns and take encounters see no limit.
The scars of Indian atrocities are so deep that Even the decades won’t heal them. Kashmiris have declined the Indian model of development and termed it an effort to establish fake normalization. Delegates criticized the new normal in Kashmir where dissent is a crime, freedom of speech is non-existent and political space has been shrunk.
The delegates concluded the presser by demanding India allow a UN fact-finding mission to Indian-occupied Kashmir to access the situation on the ground.
The presser condemned in strong terms the ongoing spree of extra judicial and summary executions of Kashmir youth and demolishing of public properties.

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