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The Quran Foundation (UK) hosted a charity fundraising event in Birmingham | WNTV

Birmingham: The Quran Foundation (UK) hosted a charity fundraising event on 27/03/2022 at Digbeth Hall Birmingham for Mawahibur Rahman Manzoom Tarjuman Quran, a first-ever complete translation of the Quran in Urdu poetry. It has been completed and printed in three volumes and is a great contribution to the Quran’s meanings in the Urdu language. 

The author of this work Maulana Mohammad Habibullah Asri, a well-known religious scholar who has an outstanding command of both the Arabic and Urdu languages. He has translated directly from the words of the Quran into Urdu poetry being careful not to divert from the meaning and words of the Arabic text.

The event was hosted by Ustad Jalal Ibn Saeed and Ustad Kashif May. The event began with a beautiful recitation by Shaykh Mahmood Fawzi. Among the dignitaries were Shaykh Abdul Hadi, Dr Khalid Mahmood,  Mufti Barkatulla, Barrister Abdul Rashid and Dr. Jafer Qureshi. A brief overview was presented on the importance Maulana Habibullah’s unique work. It was highly appreciated by religious scholars, community members, and people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Everyone from the audience appreciated the efforts of the author and all participants rendered their backing to support the noble cause of ‘The Quran Foundation’ and contributed generously to this project. While the fundraising rounds were ongoing, an artist presented her artwork to be auctioned and the money was proceeded to ‘The Quran Foundation’. 

Dignitaries and community members recognised the efforts of the author and volunteers of TQF. In the end, the trustees of ‘The Quran Foundation’ showed their commitment to continue with the printing and distribution of the book to help spread knowledge of the Quran and make it more accessible and understandable to common people. 

About The Quran Foundation:

The Quran Foundation UK is a registered charity in the UK that has been funded to promote the message of the Quran in many languages. 

The Quran Foundation aims to print and distribute copies of this glorious translation FREE on a larger worldwide scale. “With regards to the Urdu language, there are two ways in which we can approach translation. One is straightforward prose, a direct translation of the Arabic words. Another way is via the medium of poetry”.

“The meaning of the glorious Quran would achieve even greater depth of understanding amongst Urdu speakers who can appreciate and understand the words better if they were spoken to them as poetry verses”. Qur’an translation into Urdu is very much dynamic and popular, but rare in Urdu poetry. Poetic expressions have a profound effect on readers and listeners. The beauty of this work is that it not only explains the meaning of the Quran in pruritic language but also creates an elation in the form of a poem. In all the surahs, the eloquence and the standard of knowledge have been maintained. To render Qur’an meaning into the poetic expression of this noble book, is a task that requires dedication and patience, as such this has taken 18 years of hard work to complete. 

For further information or to obtain a copy of the book please contact us via email or visit 

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