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Azad Kashmir up coming election and LA 39 Jammu 6 Rawalpindi

“Kashmir Seeks Attention” on World News TV UK. Host by S M IRFAN TAHIR & Special Guests Zakir Hussain Political Analyst, Ch Fakhar Zaman Candidate for MLA PPP AJK, Raja Amjad Pehlwan Candidate for MLA PTI AJK, Sardar Hayat Candidate for MLA PTI AJK and Sajid Qureshi Muslim Conference. Topic Azad Kashmir up coming election and LA39 Jammu 6 Rawalpindi on 10 April 2021 From 2 till 3 PM UK Time, 6.30 PM till 7.30 PM Indian Time and 6 PM till 7 PM Pakistan Standard time

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