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Can Ukrainians Take Refuge in the UK? Immigration Concessions

London: Last week, in response to what was then the imminent threat of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Home Office brought out immigration concessions aimed at protecting the family members of British citizens in Ukraine. Those concessions have been expanded in light of the invasion and new ones added to cover Ukrainians already in the UK. The department also seems to be reviewing its policy on asylum claims by Ukrainian citizens who are already in the UK or who make their way here in future. This article, written with Katherine Soroya, covers both
these possible routes to safety in the UK. The situation is changing very quickly and fresh government announcements may render this information out of date. Any changes since the date of this article should be reflected on the main Home Office web pages on the immigration and asylum position for Ukrainians.

There are family visa concessions in place for people of any nationality who usually live in Ukraine with a British family member (i.e. they don’t have to be a Ukrainian citizen). The British sponsor must be the applicant’s:

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