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Game-Changer for Sri Lankan Tamil Activists Seeking Asylum in the UK

London: The new Sri Lanka country guidance judgment in KK and RS (Sur place activities, risk) (CG) [2021] UKUT 130 (IAC) “clarifies and supplements” the previous decision in GJ and others [2013] UKUT 319 (IAC) “with particular reference to sur place activities”. GJ was a complicated and often seemingly contradictory decision with a headnote that led many asylum claims from Tamil activists to fail. KK and RS changes all that

What sur place activities is the Sri Lankan government interested in? Having a “significant role” in Tamil diaspora activity remains the litmus test. The major problem with GJ was that the term was not defined. Helpfully, the Upper Tribunal in KK and RS explains that it is not necessary to have a formal role, to be a member of a particular organisation, or to be high profile or prominent (see paragraphs 455-456).

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