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Sudhan Educational Conference UK Organised a Eid Milan Party

Birmingham: Sudhan Educational Conference Organised a Eid Milan Party at Aston Church Road Hall, Presided by Dr Shaukat Ali Khan.The conference speakers expressed their views and said Sudhan Educational Conference wants to unite the community of people originating from the Poonch region, who now live in the UK. They said we should follow the footstep of our forefathers by taking initiative and using the UK educational and development opportunities to develop a bright future. They stated that we can achieve every goal in life through acquiring education and knowledge. We should use our joint effort to safeguard our youth from drugs, crime, radicalisation, extremism, terrorism and all negativities through positive activities as well as education. They also presented a great tribute to Baba e Poonch and Ghazi e Kashmir Col Khan Mohammed Khan (Khansahib) for his long-standing efforts and services for the education and welfare of people. Also were present Mufti Liaquat Hussain Usmani, Sardar Gull Azam Khan, Maulana Tariq Masood, Qari Izhar Ahmed, Iftekhar Aziz Solicitor, Professor Faiz u Rehman, Sardar Sabir Gull, Dr Sardar Nisar, Sardar Masood Aslam, Sardar Tanvir Rafique, Sardar Abid Khan, Mufti Khalid Mahmood, Sardar Abid Saeed, Sardar Zia Ahmed, Sardar Waheed Khan, Sardar Qamar Khalil, Sardar Abid Khan. Asim Nasim Khan, Dr Saboor Javed, Sardar Asif Habib, Dr Asim Nazir, Dr Zameer Khan, Sardar Aslam Khan, Sardar Saeed Khan, Sardar Jehnzaib Khan and many others.Report by S M IRFAN TAHIR Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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