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Those issuing domicile certificates to face dire consequences, social boycott, warns Syed Ali Geelani

Message to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

My dear countrymen!

I have been warning and apprising the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir for long that the Indian imperialist plan is to change the demography of the state. Now, the occupying forces have brazenly made clear their intentions and have begun their long cherished plan to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

On 1st April 2020, when the whole world was busy in tackling COVID-19, the Indian Government amended domicile laws for Jammu and Kashmir, making all Indians eligible for buying immovable property and for government jobs in the state. Under this new law, which is an immense threat to the people of this state, all those Indians who have resided in Jammu and Kashmir for 15 years are eligible to become permanent residents of Jammu & Kashmir. This law is directly aimed at changing the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

India wants to turn our Muslim majority into a minuscule minority to subvert the political struggle in Jammu & Kashmir which has been going on from 1947 itself against the Indian military occupation. The Indian government wishes to make the referendum issue meaningless and alter the course of freedom struggle. Like other Indian actions, this also violates all international laws.

I have time and again warned that India is following Israel, and wishes to replicate its model of settler colonialism to turn the state of Jammu and Kashmir into another Palestine. While India played its last card to do so on August 5 last year, by this new law, in the coming years Indians will first acquire land forcibly and then set up settler colonies.

India has also humiliated its deplorable quislings in the state by making only class 4 jobs reserved for people of Jammu & Kashmir with domicile status. These political agents of Indian occupation would cheat Kashmiris on behalf of New Delhi, promising petty gains to the people but have been looking after their own power and pelf only. Now, and forever, Kashmiris must reject these treacherous ones, who though small in number have caused damage to our movement and the massive sacrifices of millions of our people.

The so called amendment is mere eyewash. The ploy remains the same and people of J&K are enough mature to understand these Machiavellian tricks of the occupier.

The people of Jammu & Kashmir must not accept this new domicile law and must fight tooth and nail against the plans of our occupier who wants to make us aliens in our own land. This way India will change the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. The Muslims of Jammu will face the heat first as the campaign against them has already been initiated openly from last many years.

I ask the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to stand against this move, as I have already laid down the way in my address to the nation.
The government officials, who will be authorised to issue these domicile certificates must also understand, that we warn them of dire consequences, for collaborating with the occupier. All these officials, in the Civil Secretariat, the Deputy Commissioners offices across the state, and especially in the revenue department must know that those who become part of Indian designs will face social boycott and they will be made aliens in this land. They should stand against it and must refrain from becoming part in this Indian campaign.

The people of the Jammu & Kashmir must not sell their property (land, houses, shops, etc.) and also desist from giving their property on rent and/or lease to any outsider. The business community also must not enter into any such business agreement with outsiders or with the occupying government leading to selling/rental/leasing of any property in the occupied state.

The Indian state and the Indian business houses will try to lure you in the name of development and big profit, but stay alert and don’t fall into their trap of collaborating against the struggle and people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The world must take note of the arbitrary actions by the Indian government in its colony, which is an internationally accepted dispute. The only resolution of this dispute is the Right to Self Determination. No power can take away this right from the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Not until the last Indian soldier has left, our fight will continue till the dawn of freedom.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan must also take serious note of this situation and must raise the voice for the occupied people. I have already laid down the steps Pakistan must take in my letter to Imran Khan.

We also sympathise with the Muslims in India who are close to becoming aliens in the land they believed to be ‘their homeland’. This should serve as an eye opener for them, that it is their historical mistakes that have come to haunt them. It is high time that they understand the true nature of the Indian politics. They cannot be Indians even after living seven decades in free India.

Also this should make them understand that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were visionaries and brave who stood by the right, fought like the valiant and did not bow to political appeasement and military occupation of India.

I urge my people to be steadfast and resolute, have faith in Allah, and fight the evil designs of our occupier till the end.
May Allah bless us all!
Syed Ali Shah Geelani.

Saiyyed Abdullah Gilani.
April 6, 2020.

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