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The 22nd International Sunni Conference in honour of the Prophet

Birmingham: The 22nd International Sunni Conference in honour of the Prophet PBUH was held at Ghamkol Sharif Mosque, Organised by Jamaat E Ahle Sunnat United Kingdom. The Conference speakers expressed their views and said the biggest challenge facing the global community in establishing peace, security and social cohesion is the alarming rise and normalising of the right-wing groups that shamelessly promote hatred through the dark ideology of fascism, extremism, terrorism and racism across the West and its impact on the wider world. JAS delegates and members at the conference including members of the public all voted to commit themselves and their respective organisations to lawfully as citizens and taxpayers to stand up and speak up against Islamophobic attacks in the west, to uncompromisingly defend the honour of our religious figurehead the final Holy Prophet of Islam, Mohammed PBUH. They also said we do not tolerate the disrespect of our beloved Prophet in any shape through cartoons, competitions, verbal or written format etc. Netherlands Govt forced Geert Wilders not to pursue a cartoon competition in the coming days at Holland Parliament. The Conference Stage Secretary was Allamah Mufti Naseerullah Naqshbandi. Also were present Pir Sultan Fiaz ul Hassan Qadri, Pir Sultan Niaz ul Hassan Qadri, Professor Mufti Muneeb u Rehman, Pir Syed Hashmi Mian, Allama Qamar u Zaman Azami, Mufti Gull Rehman Qadri, Imam Shahed Tameez Chairman Birmingham Council of Mosque, Shaykh Misbah ul Malik Luqmanvi, Allama Ghulam Rabbani Afghani, Allama Khalil Ahmed Haqqani, Sahibzada Ghulam Saddique Naqshbandi, Al Shaykh Mohammed Ahmed Dabbagh, Allama Mohammed Shafique Jamati, Professor Abdul Rauf, Hafiz Ghulam Rasool, Allama Manzur Ahmed Rabbani, Allama Abdul Aziz, Khalifa Sufi Ansar Saddiqui, Dr Musharaf Hussain Al Azhari, Allama Riasat Ali Qadri, Allama Mufti Mohammed Akbar Hazarvi, Mufti Ghulam Rasool Mansoor Al Azhar, Shaykh Mohammed Asim MBE, Allama Imam Mohammed Adil Shahzad, Allama Imran Abdali, Allama Niaz Ahmed Saddiqui, Allama Javed ul Qadri, Allama Khateeb u Rehman, Qari Mohammed Anwar Qamar, Qari Abdul Majid Naqshbandi, Sahibzada Shuaib Chishty, Maulana Zia ul Islam Hazarvi, Allama Qari Mohammed Shafique, Allama Atif Jabbar Saddiqui,Shaykh Umar Hayat Qadri, Qari Mohammed Farhan Siddiqui, Allama Abdul Qadir Rizvi, Mufti Fazal Ahmed Qadri, Professor Mohammed Akram Naqshbandi, Allama Khurram Rafique, Allama Hafiz Saeed Ahmed Makki, Mohammed Attique Attari, Dr Anwar ul Malik Luqmanvi and others. Report by S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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