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The international Kashmir conference was convened to discuss peace

Birmingham: The International Kashmir Conference was convened to discuss peace, human rights and counter-terrorism. This was held at the Ladbroke Hotel. Organized by UKPNP in coalition with the Church of Scientology Birmingham. Speakers from various countries were represented alongside those holding political ideologies also expressed their views on peace, human rights and sources of terrorism. Distinguished guests emphasised the need to promote peace and protect human rights. However, human rights and peace could only be established when there is no violence, terrorism and instability. The oppressed communities of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan should unite and expose those who inflict pain and suffering on our people. They expressed their views and stated that we need to formulate strategies to expose the culprits, and seek the support of NGOs, international organizations and the international community. They said if Pakistan and India want peace, stability, freedom from terrorism and extremism, then society must obey the human rights charter of UNHRC and resolve the core issue of Kashmir. They condemned the armed struggle in any part of Kashmir and gave a suggestion to both Indian-and Pakistan to come to the table and commence peaceful negotiations and dialogue. In attendance were Chairman United Kashmir Peoples National Party (UKPNP) Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, Dr. Shabbir Ch, Former Councillor and Chairman Kashmir Freedom Movement Ghulam Hussain, Tanvir u Zaman, Mahmood Kashmiri, Sultan Shaheen, Dr. Hidayat Bhutto. Naeem Khan, Baseer Naveed, Abbas Butt, Barrister Abdul Hamid Bashani, Syed Zaker Shah Saddat, Shun Fujiki, Dr Misfer Hassan, Syed Ghulam Shah, Mr Dianko Lamine, Dr Naseer Dasti, Dr Pir Riaz, Sardar Amjad Yousaf, Sardar Tariq Khan, Doris Jones, Fahmeeda Baloch, Aftab Khan, Qamar Khalil, Shahid Mahmood Khan, Sardar Farooq Khan, Irfan Yaqoob, Raziq Shafique, Yasir Anwar Khan, Haroon Abbasi, Raja Asim and many others. Report by S M IRFAN TAHIR Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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