Philanthropist Zaf praised by Royal Family

Birmingham: UK Community Ambassador Zaf, who works at South and City College and is the Chair of Crimestoppers for the West Midlands, has once again been busy in guiding vulnerable Youths away from crime and getting them back engaging with the community and becoming respectable citizens.

In the last few weeks Zaf has been given the Neighbourhood Watch Recognition Award Certificate, Birmingham City Council Gold Line Award for keeping the streets safe and was praised by the HRH Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh on the 8th March 2024 at the Headingley Cricket and Rugby Club during Sport and Creation Awards.

The Duke of Edinburgh called Zaf, “Incredible Individual.” The Duchess of Edinburgh said, “You should be proud of yourself and Thank You for what you have and are doing for everyone.”

Zaf, “I feel honoured and humbled to receive such lovely praise from the Royal Family, especially when my work is all about positivity and I generally try to bring communities together. My aim from day one was to make a difference to those individuals who are on the wrong path in life but in space of 10 years, I never imagined that the numbers would exceed the 40,000 mark. It just shows when your sincere in a cause and the motive is to help others then people genuinely believe in you and respect you.”

Zaf who is the Director of Unite & Uplift Together CIC and also the Cabinet Member of Overseas Business Forum UK, is known as the Youth Pioneer in the UK and is also the UK Goodwill Ambassador for Youth & Community.

Recently a weapon sweep was arranged with South and City College students and staff at Henry Barber Park/ Bordesley Green in aid of Op Sceptre week of action against under 25 violence / Knife crime.

13 Students/Staff participated and were accompanied by Zaf and the West Midlands Police. Machetes, Hammers, Syringes were found on the day and the it was an eye opener for the students who really enjoyed the day and especially the experience in giving back to the community. The impact on the young students is that they are made aware that these hotspots exist, and that it is important to keep themselves safe. They are also supporting their local community (British values) and working as a team.
During the month of Ramadan, Zaf will be engaging with a lot of youths and the general community in Mosques to discuss local issues and see how we can all get together and make this City the best to live in. “My aim is to spread peace everywhere and all the good acts I perform will be presented to my mother in her grave as ongoing charity as she was my pillar.”

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