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Video Report and Brief Interview Al Shaykh Syed M Abul Huda Al Yaqoobi in UK

Birmingham: Spiritual Gathering with Al-Shaykh Syed Muhammad Abul Huda al Yaqoubi ( He has opposed both Bashar al-Assad and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ) Author Famous Book ”Refuting ISIS ” World Known Syrian Islamic Scholar and Religious Leader at Hassnat College Organized By Sahibzada Pir Syed Lakhte Hassnain Chairman Muslim Hands Great Britain Host By Dr Iqtidar Karamat Cheema Director Institute for Leadership and Community Development Special Attendance Mufti Mohammed Gull Rehman Qadri , Mufti Yaar Mohammed Qadri , Mufti Mohammed Rasool Bakhsh Saeedi , Sahibzada Pir Mohammed Tayyab u Rehman Qadri, Allama Mohammed Nazir Mehravi , Qari Mohammed Amin Chsishty , Colonel (R) Mohammed Shahid , Zahid Ch , Imam Shahid Tameez, Sahibzada Mohammed Shoaib Chishty , Allama Mohammed Hanif Madani , Qari Mohammed Farhan Saddiqui , Sahibzada Barkat Ahmed Chishty , Pir Ahmed Zaman Jamati ,Sahizada Mohammed Rafique Chishty , Pir Syed Arshad Shah Gillani , Allama Mohammed Farid Harooni , Hafiz Mufti Fazal Ahmed Qadri , Sufi Mohammed Javed Akhtar , Hafiz Abdul Rehman Sultani , Mufti Mohammed Khalid Madani , Mohammed Junaid Akhtar , Kasad Ali and others Coverage By S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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