Health Needs of Women Serving Long Prison Sentences Neglected

London: Whilst the majority of women entering prison are serving short sentences, there is a small minority serving very long sentences. For instance, 372 of the 2,456 sentenced women in prison are serving indeterminate sentences. The briefing was produced in collaboration with women who will spend at least eight years in prison, across working groups in three women’s prisons. These groups are part of a wider ‘Building Futures Network’ of over 60 women with lived experience of long-term imprisonment. The briefing highlights the key themes raised by the women: maintaining hope, access to healthcare, and staff-prisoner relationships.
In relation to health specifically, many of the women spoke about the lack of specialist support and help available to meet the health needs of long-sentenced women. Many raised concerns about diet, access to exercise and the potential for long-term health problems to go untreated. For some of the women, the constant worry of health issues felt like a secondary form of punishment, with many seriously concerned about whether they would be healthy, able-bodied, or still alive by the time they are due to be released.

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